Glo Signature Facial – The Glo Signature Facial is great for all ages and skin types. It is customized based upon your skin’s specific needs. This treatment includes a thorough skin analysis, double cleanse, exfoliation, mask, customized serum, eye cream and moisturizer. Nourishing and reparative ingredients reveal a softer complexion. This can be performed every 6-8 weeks for best results.

Clearing Facial – Suggested for acne-prone or congested skin, this treatment targets existing breakouts while refining the skin’s texture. Enzymatic exfoliation rids of dead skin while preparing the skin to clear debris from follicles. A clay treatment mask will draw out excess oil. Medicated ingredients purify the skin and reduce bacteria as well as irritation. Proper homecare products will help maintain results. This can be performed once a week, with maximum results in  4-6 treatments.

Soothing Sensitive Skin Facial – This calming treatment packed with powerful anti-inflammatories, hydrators and antioxidants help increase barrier strength and enhance radiance. Gentle exfoliation help shed dry, flaky skin allowing the soothing agents to work on a deeper level. Recommended for all skin types, especially sensitive, dry or compromised skin. This can be performed as often as once a week or once a month to maintain results.

Cyto-Luxe Firming Facial – This facial is targeted towards mature and pre-maturely aged skin. This advanced treatment utilizes stem cell plant technology to smooth, soften and revitalize your skin. Included is a fruit enzyme exfoliation to remove impurities, followed with application of a serum and mask to help skin regain elasticity and plumpness. This treatment can be performed as often as every 14 days, or once a month to maintain results.

Hydrating Facial – Targeted towards dry/dehydrated skin, the hydrating facial includes a double cleanse, a customized exfoliation treatment, a hydrating mask and topped with a conditioning moisturizer to deal it in and prevent moisture loss. This treatment can be performed as often as once a week or once a month to maintain results.

Brightening Facial – Best for dull, uneven tone and texture. A powerful blend of antioxidants, brighteners and moisturizing agents help treat hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone, resulting in a more luminous complexion. Treatment includes thorough skin analysis, double cleanse, Vitamin C mask, brightening or lightening serums to spot treat areas of concern and finished with a SPF moisturizer. Not recommended for sensitive or acneic skin types.

Retinol + C Exfoliant – This concentrated and active formula helps improve texture by encouraging cell turnover. Sloughing can occur 2-3 days post treatment for smoother, softer skin.  Daily use of sunscreen is recommended for at least 7 days post treatment as skin’s sensitivity to sunlight may be increased. Not recommended for sensitive skin and acneic skin.

Chemical Peel

All peels are customized to suit your individual needs at no additional cost to you.

Consultation prior to micro-needling – Prior to scheduling a micro-needling service, a consultation to determine eligibility and suitability of treatment is required. This will allow us to answer any questions you may have

Micro-needling – Collagen Induction Therapy – Collagen Induction Therapy, also known as, Microneedling is ideal for clients looking to improve fine lines and wrinkles, acne scarring, loss of elasticity and enlarged pores.

*do to the nature of this service a consultation must be scheduled before receiving service.

Mini Signature Facial – Just the basics, fast efficient and affective all done in a half hour.

Soothing Facial – Signal soothing relief with this exclusive treatment designed to safeguard skin with powerful anti-inflammatory, hydrators and antioxidants to revitalize, increase strength and enhance radiance. Light exfoliation helps to gently encourage smoother skin and allows for soothing agents to work on a deeper level, providing serious calming action to even the most sensitive skin.

Makeup Application – You will get the works: eyes, lips, cheeks, etc. if it is on the face… it will get enhanced.

Makeup Refresher – A quick touch up to refresh your make up, perfect add on to a blowout when you are going out for the night.

Perk Face Treatment + Makeup – The best of both works combined. A Perk face treatment primes the skin and is a perfect foundation for a flawless makeup application.

Perk Facial Treatment – Deeply exfoliates and feeds skin super antioxidants for a gorgeous glow. Perfect before any event, leaves the skin flawless.

Perk Eye Treatment – Brightens the delicate eye area, reducing dark circles and puffiness to awaken your eyes.

Perk Lip Treatment  – Lightly plumping lips and locks in moisture to reveal a perfect pout.

Perk It All – Want to feel PERK “Y”? This package will make it happen with all three PERK treatments at a discounted rate. Lips, eyes, and Face!

Dermaplaning   a method of exfoliation that uses a scalpel to gently scrape off the top layer of dead skin cells and vellum hair for a smoother, brighter complexion. Physical exfoliation triggers the cell regeneration process and allows products to better penetrate skin. Some practitioners perform a chemical peel post-dermaplaning as well. 

Spa Day – A 1 Hour massage plus a Glo Signature facial will have you feeling like a whole new person.

Eyebrow Waxing – Make sure you don’t look like Frida Kahlo. Select this service if you’ve been waxed before and you are looking to maintain.

Eyebrow Tinting – Well defined, shapely brows sometimes requires a bit of assistance. Tinting your brows helps define and add tone.

30 Minute Massage – Great for focusing on a specific problem  (for example that kink in your neck from sleeping funny the night before or that troublesome knot in your shoulder that flares up from time to time.) It’s also great for people who need to take a break to relax but have a hard time sitting still for long periods of time or people who just really enjoy only specific areas massaged such as their back and neck or legs and feet.

1 Hour Massage – Ideal for people who want a full body massage (scalp, back, neck, pecs, arms, hands, glutes, legs, and feet), or need a lot of attention to their upper body tension.

1 ½ Hour Massage – Perfect for deeper relaxation or if you feel that you are tense in multiple area from head to tow since each area gets a little more time. It also allows for massage to the face and abdominals during a full body massage if desired. Fantastic for someone that needs extra time to really allow themselves to relax.