Waxing 101: Is it for me? 

The art of waxing has been around for decades and for a good reason too. We’ll get right to the point, yes it hurts. It’s about as fun as stubbing your toe, but it is well worth the few seconds of pain. If you are wanting to get rid of unsightly red bumps and painful ingrown hairs, waxing might just be the solution for you. Are you thinking about getting waxed for the first time? Possibly you have experienced waxing before but didn’t quite have the “experience” you so hoped for in your head. Let’s talk about waxing and everything you need to know beforehand, so your next time will be all it is cracked up to be. 

1. Choosing the Right Salon: The atmosphere is which you are getting waxed is everything. Whether your esthetician is waxing your eyebrows, underarms, or more intimate areas, the setting can make all the difference. You want to find a place that is clean and sanitary and for goodness sake, if you see any double dipping, RUN! (Double Dipping)

2. Hard Wax vs Soft Wax: There are two types of wax that can be used on the body. Soft wax, which is applied in a very thin layer and needs a piece of cloth to be applied in order to remove it. Hard wax is applied thicker than soft wax and will harden within a few seconds, allowing your esthetician to remove the wax without a strip of cloth. Hard wax is more forgiving because it allows us to go over the same area more than once without damaging the skin. Hard wax, if used correctly, adheres to the hair only and not the skin. Hard wax is suitable for all clients, even clients with sensitive skin making it the ideal choice of wax.

3. Pre / Post Care: Pre-care with waxing consists of growing the hair out for about two weeks, exfoliating the area, and keeping the area free from lotions or oils immediately before your wax. All these steps will ensure you get the most from the wax and will allow the wax to not only adhere properly, but remove all the hair. Post care includes staying away from saunas or steam rooms, excess sweating, or hot baths for 24 hours. To avoid ingrown hairs and irritation exfoliate the area regularly 48 hours after your service. Regular exfoliation will keep you smooth and bump free in between waxing sessions.

4. Become A Regular To Waxing: To see the best results, the recommended time to get waxed is every 4-6 weeks. Staying regular with waxing will show better results each time. With each wax the hair will grow back thinner and thinner and eventually will result is no hair growth in some spots.

5. Know Your Shape: This goes for your bikini line ladies. There are many different amounts of hair that can be left and we suggest you know what you need in order to book the correct appointment. Let’s break it down…Bikini line is just a cleanup of the hair you would see outside of your bathing suit. This would be the upper inner thighs and below the naval. A full bikini wax would be everything in the front completely clean. Your esthetician can leave a strip or shape if you like some hair to be left. A brazilian wax would include the full front as well as the back strip. This is probably the most common service with waxing as it removes everything leaving you completely clean.

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